Are Piazza emails getting more paranoid?

Common observations about Piazza emails Piazza emails are crazy-long. Piazza emails are blathering-wild-rants. Piazza emails have…

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Meme of Ignatius Piazza used in an article highlighting examples where Front Sight training institute advertised benefits but failed to deliver

Doublecross the Members

Back out, retract, default, weasel out, break one’s promise Piazza advertised many things if people would…

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Memes Part 2

Also see – Memes Part 1, Memes Part 3 and Memes Part 4

Meme of multi million dollar house previously owned by Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight training institute where this house was the business address of a company named vnv insurance

Chap. 2 of This Ol Piazza House

This multi-million dollar home showed under Piazza’s name in a few places. One of Piazza’s many…

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Downward spiral of Front Sight?

From social media: Like so many, I have followed this disappointing turn of events at Front…

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This Week on: This Ol’ Piazza House

$15 million mansion with view of Golden Gate Bridge Disclaimer – We do not advocate going…

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In a nutshell..

(from social media) We, the members of Front Sight paid Ignatius/Front Sight money in exchange for…

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Legal Troubles (news report)

Legal Troubles Creating Uncertain Future for Front Sight Firearms Training Institute: News report from KPVM News…

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Brad called

From social media: I just got banned. Not in a letter, but Brad Ackman himself called…

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