Screenshot of YouTube video regarding pending class action suit against Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight training institute

Update on front sight lawsuit 3/11/22

Brad called

From social media: I just got banned. Not in a letter, but Brad Ackman himself called…

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All the Membership Names of Front Sight?

From social media: List from a drop-down menu item from their web site circa December 2019.…

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Front Sight Court Updates – March 2, 2022

From social media: MARCH 2nd UPDATE: Nevada Court Case: Judge determined that Dr. Piazza has to…

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Piazza’s 2022 California court case

From court documents (link) The California LitigationShortly after LVDF recorded a notice of default on…

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Front Sight’s 2022 Nevada lawsuit

From court documents (link) “The Nevada SuitDefendant Piazza owns Front Sight, a firearms training and…

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Reasons Front Sight members are getting banned

Front Sight email by Ignatius Piazza:(CAPS-LOCK in original) “I needed to identify the ENEMIES within our…

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Front Sight UPDATE (video) – Feb 8, 2022

Piazza Hits UNDO. Front Sight Restructuring Update

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What Happened to Front Sight? (video)

Front Sight RESTRUCTERING. My Reaction – YouTube