Piazza Wins California Court Case

Piazza to pay $0 in court case with Dziubla

COURT CASE UPDATE MAY 11th – San Diego California Case:TRIAL IS OVER! Dr. Piazza will pay ZERO ($0.00) DOLLARS!!Jury came back yesterday and decided against Dziubla and for Dr. Piazza. No Damage, therefore, no need for Punitive Phase of a Trial needed.Jury decided that way because it wasn’t a True Threat, because his emails (Dr. Piazza) contained in a few places language that he (Dziubla), must be punished to the full extent of the law.

– social media

Piazza is in court more than the average bear

One might wonder if Piazza simply likes going to court. People sue him. He sues other people. One may wonder if Piazza has more court experience than some of his own attorneys.

Some of Piazza’s cases:

  • 2022 California Case – Piazza sends people to his lenders’ private home to harass them and take photos, then uses those photos in his emails
  • 2022 Nevada Front Sight Foreclosure Case – Piazza borrowed $6 million and didn’t make his payments (possible August for more movement in that case)
  • Piazza sues city council over neighbors plans to build a boat pier near his own boat pier at his $15 million mansion.
    • The news article also said Piazza “has a history of fighting neighbors’ proposals, unsure if those were also lawsuits
  • Piazza sues former Front Sight instructor because the person wrote an article
    “We won an immediate and total victory in the lawsuit (Front Sight Legal Bulletin dated October 9) we filed against a former instructor that slandered Front Sight.”Piazza, 2002 (the case was settled out of court)
  • Piazza sues neighbor’s dog for barking in Morse code that spelled out Piazza’s Ponzi scheme (possible future case)