May 2, Piazza in court this week

Piazza no stranger to lawsuits

Piazza has had his own personal lawsuits. Sometimes people have sued him, such as contractors working on Front Sight that didn’t get paid. And other times, Piazza’s sued other people, and companies, and the local utility company, etc. In attempting to gather information, it is estimated that it is more common that Piazza sues other people.

“[Piazza has] a history of fighting neighbors’ proposals to build piers on their bay-front properties.”

The Ark Newspaper, screenshot below

In that instance, Piazza apparently didn’t want other people building piers to their multi-million dollar mansions. In the pic, the house on the right is the former house featured in This Ol’ Piazza House that Piazza lived in at that time. It’s valued around $15 million and has a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the master bedroom.

Front Sight, Piazza, and lawsuits

There’s been several lawsuits against Front Sight over the years and there’s a theme going on with some claims that Piazza was doing dishonorable business practices. Which brings us to today’s lawsuit. The lawsuit claims in a nutshell:

Note: There are many moving parts to this case. Or rather, these cases. The below summary is an attempt to streamline the many details.

  • Chapter 1: Find some money
  • Chapter 2: The Nevada Case = Foreclosure
    • Dzuibla also said he could get as much as $75 million from foreign investors
    • Later, in 2015, Dziubla said the amount would be closer to $25 million
    • In about 2016, Dziubla loaned Piazza about $6 million dollars
    • Piazza didn’t make payments on the loan
    • Dziubla filed a notice of default
    • Piazza pre-emptively filed a court case against Dziubla to prevent foreclosure
  • Chapter 3: The California Case = Is this harassment? retaliation? other crimes?
    • Two men, Quidang and Schneemann, went to Dziubla’s home
      • The two men apparently harassed, threatened, and took pictures
    • Piazza sent out emails to Front Sight members with those pictures in the emails
      • The emails also named Dziubla and said bad things about him such as “Lying, Two-Faced, Gun-Grabbing Hillary Clinton Supporting, Con Man”, etc.
    • Dzuibla filed a lawsuit again Piazza, Quidang, and Schneemann over the incidents
      • Piazza countered in court with basically, “Nah, I’m allowed to do most of this stuff”
      • After an appeal, the court said the case against Piazza and the seems-like-cartoon-henchmen could go forward
    • May 2, 2022 is the scheduled start of the court case against Piazza
  • Chapter 4: Nevada Case moves forward for foreclosure
    • There’s still the pre-court attorney tricks going on
    • After some delay tricks, in March 2022, the court said that Piazza had to post a bond for $9.4 million
      • The lender wanted 30 days for the bond, Piazza’s side wanted 120 days.
    • Piazza is supposed to be in some pre-court meetings, but there are scheduling issues with Piazza now being in Texas
    • Estimates for the Nevada Case may start seeing movement around August 2022
  • Chapter 5: Front Sight class scheduling affected?
    • Front Sight used to post the entire year of classes about 14 months in advance
    • A few years ago, that changed to posting the Aug/Sept/later classes by February and March
    • This year, it is now May and the class schedule only shows through June 2022
    • Is it related? This is unknown.