Some Front Sight History

The time Piazza almost lost control of the Front Sight business

Several readers have asked about the Gabe thing. Back in the 90’s, Front Sight was doing its early version in California, people could shoot machineguns and take classes. It was later that things moved to Nevada near Pahrump. During these times, some of the names you may have heard of were a little here and there. Brad Ackman spent some time at Gunsite in Arizona before joining Front Sight. It appears his time there overlapped with the late Jeff Cooper. There were also claims about Piazza double-crossing some of the owners of the guns in California.

Also in the early days, the training curriculum was created and smoothed out.

But Gabe and others had differences of opinion on how Piazza ran Front Sight and they attempted to rearrange the business so that Piazza was not making the decisions. Or as Piazza’s emails might say, they attempted a “hostile takeover.” However, Piazza successfully maintained control of Front Sight and Gabe and those others left. Brad Ackman left Gunsite and joined Front Sight some time around this time, but it’s not known if Brad joined before or after the business disagreement.

Later, Gabe went on to build his own business that involved training and other firearm-related things. Gabe also apparently got into some of his own bad-heavy-messes, not related to Front Sight. But his training business generally had positive reviews and the instructors that have since left Gabe’s organization continue to train and get positive reviews.

The Gabe thing

Now that we’ve dug into some Front Sight history parts, here’s the requested information about Piazza in regards to Gabe. This takes place after Gabe is off doing his own training school.