Are Piazza emails getting more paranoid?

Common observations about Piazza emails

  • Piazza emails are crazy-long.
  • Piazza emails are blathering-wild-rants.
  • Piazza emails have outrageous wording and many ALL CAPS exclamations.
  • Piazza emails by the thousands get sent to members.
    • Yes, depending on the month, there can be 100+ emails per month.

Do the emails show a paranoia?

How many hundreds or thousands of emails show:

  • Our enemies are out to get us
  • Enemies trying to destroy us
  • Defeat the enemy!

The meme below is a direct quote from somebody online talking about Piazza:

Meme of Ignatius Piazza as quoted from social media by an online poster

Let’s look at 1 part of 1 email

“Brad has not come out of the closet as being gay.”

Ignatius Piazza

Is Piazza preventing Brad from speaking out freely? Stop trying to put a muzzle, or leather chaps, on Brad. If Brad wants to come out of the closet, let him. That’s his business and none of us care.

Ok, seriously though, 2022-called and it’s surprised that Piazza would attempt to use the LGBTQ+ community in a negative way. Do Piazza’s previous neighbors of his multi-million-dollar mansion in the Bay Area with a bedroom view of the Golden Gate Bridge know that Piazza’s using gay slurs by attempting to say it’s negative?

“[Brad] does not support nor has he initiated a hostile takeover of Front Sight.”

Ignatius Piazza

Well, duh, all the instructors are armed and Brad doing that by himself doesn’t sound wise. Ok, on the track about taking over the business control of Front Sight, there is a known story. Does Piazza still seem paranoid about by the Gabe thing?

It’s time to move on Piazza, ol buddy. What you and Gabe had together was real while it lasted.
But it ended.
Let it end.

“I [Piazza] have not spent all of Front Sight’s money on street drugs and patronizing brothels.”

Ignatius Piazza
  1. If not all of it, then how much of it has Piazza spent on street drugs and patronizing brothels?
  2. And how much has Piazza spent on non-street-drugs?
  3. And how much has Piazza spent on purchasing brothels?

Though we do have records of Piazza buying several multi-million-dollar homes (link and link of houses he bought and sold). And there’s more than one story of Piazza buying very expensive cars.

“I [Piazza] have never seen the front door of a brothel let alone ever walked inside one”

Ignatius Piazza
  1. Got it. Piazza always uses the back door.
    1. of the brothel (appended for Piazza and his slur-fixation)
  2. Well, duh, again, brothels aren’t for taking walks. If Piazza wanted to go walking, he might have strolled from one of his previous multi-million dollar houses, such as the one near the Pacific Ocean where he could stroll the the beach, or the swimming pool, or the hot tub, or the 2nd hot tub.

“No, our members have not descended on the offices or homes of any lender armed with guns and threatened anyone”

Ignatius Piazza

So the two guys Piazza hired/convinced to go to his lenders’ home and harass them were not Front Sight members?

Got it. Front Sight members have morals compared to the two guys that Piazza apparently hired. Let’s go to the court case for Piazza that is currently scheduled to start only 3 days from now:

“No, our employees have not walked off the job or threatened a mutiny to take over Front Sight.”

Ignatius Piazza
  • Let’s quote one of Piazza’s own emails from the past:
    • “a former Front Sight instructor suddenly began to circulate hate-group propaganda to some of our staff and students on the Internet and by rumor, attacking both Front Sight and me personally.”
  • Additionally, employee reviews of Front Sight don’t talk about takeovers, but do talking about leaving the job, some doing a “walk out.”
  • Last, it was many years ago, but some employees did attempt to take over control of the Front Sight business.

And that was only looking at one small part of the thousands of emails.