Are Front Sight Classes Late to the Schedule This Year?

It’s almost May and classes only show through June

Several people have been asking where are Front Sight’s classes after June. Is Front Sight in trouble? (maybe) And are the delays in posting the class schedules related to Front Sight’s troubles or possible court foreclosure actions that are ongoing?

When did Front Sight historically place their classes on the schedule?

Looking at’s Wayback Machine, we can see archived web pages of roughly when Front Sight had their future classes on the schedule. It’s not precise to the day, but the dates in the table below show that classes were on the schedule by the given date and likely some days/weeks before that date.

Front Sight’s business of scheduling classes in previous years

We see that for many years, Front Sight did their planning of classes in about October/November of the previous year. They would put them all on the schedule for the following year. The archived web pages show this up to about 2014-2015. Whatever their reason, that’s what they did.

The change

The web archives show for 2015 and later that it’s different. Front Sight had classes on the web page schedule through the July summer break. But the classes for the fall and later were not on the web page a year in advance like before.

Archived web pages show in 2015 and later, that the September/later classes were showing by March. This left about a 6 month lead time for members to plan and book travel to classes in the fall. Not shown on the chart above is that the July & August classes for 2015 and later showed in February of the same year.

Yes, Front Sight is late this year

Even with the pattern of the last few years, today is April 28th and Front Sight has not posted classes after June of this year. Not for September, not for August, not even for July. Is it because of the wild changes Piazza has been making this year? It’s an unknown at this point. There’s been rumors of staffing difficulties and we know that Front Sight now has changed their policy of no longer expanding capacity of classes like they used to. Previously, if a lifetime member wanted to go to a class, they booked it with at least two weeks notice and it was guaranteed. The 2022 change is that it is no longer guaranteed as Front Sight won’t expand capacity. Additionally, it’s known that one of Piazza’s court cases is scheduled to begin trial in just a couple of weeks. This is the California Case and it’s more about Piazza’s personal bad-sleazy actions. Typically on reporting on pending court cases people put the word “alleged” in front of the actions. However, in this case, some of the actions Piazza has admitted to doing.