Meme of Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight Training Institute where he specifically names Robert Dziubla

April 2022 Court Update

California Trial Set for May 2, 2022

(from social media)

California – San Diego Case – Trial is set for Monday, May 2nd and should last 4-5 Days.

Nevada Case – Foreclosure Action – Since Dr. Piazza is in Texas, The lenders are trying to obtain his deposition in the case. That realistically probably won’t happen until about August 2022. With the delay tactics being implemented, this foreclosure action could take some additional time than what was originally anticipated.

Sidenote on Piazza naming Dziubla:

Piazza stopped naming Dziubla in his Front Sight emails for some time. The California lawsuit itself states:

Plaintiffs-appellants Robert Dziubla and Linda Stanwood claimed defendant Ignatius Piazza II, owner of a Nevada firearms training facility, harassed and threatened them by publishing defamatory statements along with their personal identifying information, and sending associates to invade their home.

Some opinions were that Piazza was trying to lay low on publicly naming Dziubla due to the lawsuit. But starting April 24th, 2022, Piazza has re-started the Name-Dziubla-Train. Maybe Piazza:

  • Is upset enough to just decide “screw it” and name Dziubla anyway
  • Got legal advice that he could name Dziubla and it wouldn’t hurt his case
  • Forgot about Dziubla’s name for a while (after all, these 381-ish-page email rants take a lot of effort)