Meme of Ignatius Piazza used in an article highlighting examples where Front Sight training institute advertised benefits but failed to deliver

Doublecross the Members

Back out, retract, default, weasel out, break one’s promise

Piazza advertised many things if people would send him money. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Free of Charge classes

In January, Piazza announced that classes would no longer be free for existing members. This is called many things such as:

  • False advertising
  • Breaking a contract
  • Breaking a promise
  • Untrustworthy

After many people said that wasn’t fair, Piazza did three things:

  1. Actively go on the offensive against people that said it wasn’t fair
    • (or simply didn’t say anything, but were in a group of people that said that)
  2. Attempted to convince people that his original letter was all part of his super-secret-plan to root out subversives
    • (aka…people that said breaking a contract wasn’t fair)
  3. Created a sub-class membership where new members paid money

Before continuing, it’s important to not skip over #2 above. A 9-year-old on a schoolyard playground is better at lying than Piazza is here. No honorable business (or mauture, reasonable person) would attempt to try a super-secret-spy-mission to weed out customers that they can hate. Attempting to say that his entire plan in January of the 117-ish-page email and also the many weeks of work to change the entire web site over and all of its back side functions to go with his new plan of charging all members $$$ for classes – then, come out later and say “just kidding!” and then take more weeks of work to change all the computer systems and web sites back?


Onto the promised membership benefits:

There’s many membership levels. More than 3, more than 15, it’s a long list. We’ll look at the Commander level, which is fairly representative of many memberships (except the Front Sight Knight, we’ll have to do that one another day).

Front Sight Resort = stay for free

The Resort, condos, houses, places to live, rent, stay, and more, has been talked about and promised for over 20 years now. There have been different plans of Front Sight with the Resort/hotel/condo/house/living areas being on completely different areas of the property. The most recent version has it on the Northwest side closer to Pahrump. Sometimes Piazza says it’s closer and might show a small piece about it. There will be videos of construction equipment driving in circles sometimes. Front Sight did flatten out a couple of areas.

Who remembers 2017 when the resort was basically paid in full?

That was 5 years ago back when we got the videos of the construction vehicles driving in circles in a time-lapse video. Of course, visiting Front Sight, one could see the vehicles parked and doing nothing. But if it was paid for, where’s the resort? Or where’s that money? (oh, right, multi-million-$$$$$-houses or something?)

Special-Commander-facilities at the Front Sight Resort

Side-note: There is so much “special” these days. “Special military operation,” “special-commander-facilities”, it’s just so special.

These special facilities are mentioned for Commander memberships a few times.

  • Exclusive access to Commander of Front Sight Lifetime Member Facilities
  • Exclusive access to a very special Commander Lounge that will be built on the outcropping of Front Sight’s land that looks out over the entire Front Sight Resort
    • (was this to be a 2nd thing? It’s given a 2nd section in the membership benefits)
  • Commander First-In, First-Out privileges
  • Future Front Sight Resorts in Alaska and elsewhere

But, no resort, no special anything. That’s a zero.

Also for Alaska, who doesn’t love Alaska? Alaska is amazing in so many ways. As for Front Sights future resort in Alaska, it might be another 20+ years. They currently have a building (a house?) and 1 range. The 1 range appears to have room for 5 people to shoot at a time.

Front Sight Advisory Board

It is yet to be seen if this advisory board is formed, advisory sessions are taking place, and what the results are of whether the board operates openly and how often Front Sight takes heed of the advice. After talking with several Commander members, still looking for any evidence that the advisory board has ever been formed in the first place.

Special Recognition on Front Sight’s Lifetime Members’ Monument

Has anyone seen a monument at Front Sight yet? It’s another promise that is over 20 years and zero delivery.

Will your Commander Membership to an Heir

First, this apparently means as long as you don’t ever say anything that Piazza disagrees with, because then your membership is simply revoked on a whim. Second, there’s now large transfer fees involved, so you would be leaving your heir an expense with unfulfilled promises. And last, after talking to many people, still looking for one single case of this taking place in the decades that it has been promised by Piazza.

Guaranteed placement in any course with two weeks advance enrollment

Previously, if there was enough students, Front Sight expanded classes as needed. But there’s a new twist for 2022. Classes now fill up and Front Sight won’t expand if they don’t want to. So in practice, the two-weeks guarantee goes out the window.

Commander Hat & Pin

On this part, we’ve had many reports that Piazza came through with giving people a hat & pin for their $25,000 payment.

The Commander advertising straight from Front Sight: