Meme of Ignatius Piazza based upon his many business ventures from gun training to one named insurance

Shell Companies?

There’s a feeling that this list isn’t even close to all the business entities.

Names used on the legal company documentation, does Piazza keep forgetting his own name?

  • Ignatius Piazza
  • Ignatius Piazza II
  • Ignatius A Piazza
  • Ignatius A Piazza II
  • Ignatius Anthony Piazza
  • Ignatius Anthony Piazza II

Business partners with business benefits?

There’s other names that show up on some businesses such as Michael Meacher and William Kapeles. Kapeles’ address shows as 1 Front Sight Rd, Pahrump, NV, so Kapeles lives at the Front Sight training ranges or he uses it as a mailing address? The reason this is mentioned as there are more businesses that aren’t on this list such as “Front Sight Services, LLC” that does not have Piazza’s name on it, and has Kapeles’ name. As such, it’s estimated that Piazza still has a hand in the “Front Sight Services, LLC” business.

Some businesses and Piazza’s official titles on them: