Meme of multi million dollar house previously owned by Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight training institute where this house was the business address of a company named vnv insurance

Chap. 2 of This Ol Piazza House

This multi-million dollar home showed under Piazza’s name in a few places. One of Piazza’s many businesses had this private home as the business address. The odd part was the business appears to be an “insurance” business. How sketchy is an insurance business run from a private mansion of a home?

It’s really a great home. Just a short walk to the Pacific Ocean beach. But they also have a pool. And a jacuzzi. And a 2nd jacuzzi.

There’s much more not shown on this page, such as the guest quarters. Not sure if that’s for Brad to stay in as he wouldn’t be allowed in the main house?

It appears Piazza sold this house back in 2016 for $2.1 million, perhaps he sold it to a future Gold Status member?

The giant piano shows just how huge this room is. Maybe Piazza used the piano as he wrote all his epic 20+ page emails? Do all of the emails have a melody to go along with them so that they can be sung by Gold Status members?

And of course the big question of how a Ponzi Scammer sleeps at night:

There’s also a video walkthrough of this house and on the video it shows that this is a live waterfall in the giant-vaulted entryway.

On social media, there are claims that Piazza collects cars, in addition to houses. Thus far, we haven’t found information on this. On the other hand, this house, which isn’t his only house, has a 5-car garage.

Disclaimer, as before:

Do not go to people’s private homes to harass them.
That’s bad.
Piazza got people to go harass people.
Don’t be like Piazza.
Also don’t create giant Ponzi schemes.