This Week on: This Ol’ Piazza House

$15 million mansion with view of Golden Gate Bridge

Disclaimer – We do not advocate going to a person’s home to harass them. Do not do it. No “wink-wink” here, do not visit any of these places. Also, do not hire anybody to go to any of these places.

If you do, you may very well end up in court.
Like Piazza.

Piazza seems to be happy with hiring people to go to private residences and harass them. He was happy enough to organize and/or pay for it. This is why Piazza is in one of his court cases.
Don’t be like Piazza.

Even though public information with the news story and house info, addresses not shown on this site.

Piazza’s Homeowner lawsuits

This house appears to be listed under his wife’s name. However, Piazza is also in a news story about how Piazza sued the city (and the city council) because he didn’t like the neighbor’s pier/dock.

Also of note, the story claims that Piazza has “a history of fighting neighbors’ proposals to build piers.”