In a nutshell..

(from social media)

  1. We, the members of Front Sight paid Ignatius/Front Sight money in exchange for contractually promised goods and services.
  2. Ignatius Piazza, was paid money by a lender. But when he felt the contract he agreed to was not being fulfilled, he, Igantius, publicly slammed the lender, then when sued, claimed in court it was his right to publicly disparage his lender as “Free Speech”.
  3. The judge did not agree, saying Ignatius’ actions stopped being “free speech” when he paid private investigators to stalk his lenders, release their location and personal information online, while encouraging his armed members to take action against his “enemies”.
  4. When Ignatius lost his “free speech” defense in court, he decided to punish the ungrateful Front Sight Members by vaporizing their legally binding contracts and memberships, saying that’s what happens when people don’t pay him more money to pay his lawsuit fines.
  5. When we, (Front Sight members who genuinely believe in the US Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, Freedom of Speech and standing up against fraud, theft, bullies etc.) expressed our concern and dismay over illegally vaporized contracts, we were immediately canceled, deemed “enemies” of Ignatius and banned from Front Sight for daring to have the audacity to ask Front Sight to honor what we paid for, nothing more, nothing less.
    5.5 When Ignatius realized it’s not legal to alter a legally binding contract/membership after the fact, he then claimed the REAL REASON he did it was to find the traitors in Front Sight, (anyone who complained or dared to question him) and he used that REASON as an excuse to cancel their memberships.
    (That’s like pretending to punch someone in the face, and if they protest, you really punch them in the face and say they deserve it as punishment for flinching).
  6. It appears Ignatius believes Front Sight members are not entitled to the very Free Speech and Freedom he claims Front Sight stands for and we have now been banned for life because we asked for fairness and pointed out the hypocrisy.
    Unfortunately trust has been lost. However, we will not willingly hand over our wallets in this extortion attempt.
    At least we have retained the dignity to call bullshit.