Front Sight’s 2022 Nevada lawsuit

From court documents (link)

  1. “The Nevada Suit
    Defendant Piazza owns Front Sight, a firearms training and self-defense business in Pahrump, Nevada. According to Piazza, Front Sight has taught tens of thousands of individual students and built up a membership of over 200,000 people. Members receive e-mail communications to keep them informed on Front Sight developments and, of course, business promotions.

“In 2012, Piazza was pursuing a loan for an ambitious expansion project that would transform Front Sight into a resort destination — complete with timeshare condominiums and a full-service conference center. After he failed to secure a traditional bank loan, Piazza explored higher risk options and ultimately agreed to work with plaintiff Dziubla, who represented that his team could raise $75 million from foreign investors if Front Sight paid upfront installments to cover expenses. By 2015, the amount Dziubla thought he could raise had decreased to $25 million. One year later, he loaned Piazza about $6 million to get the project started.

“Piazza’s loan came from the Las Vegas Development Fund (LVDF), which is run by Dziubla and his wife Stanwood. The loan agreement was subject to certain conditions that Dziubla and Stanwood allege Piazza breached in multiple ways. LVDF filed a notice of default in September 2018 and Piazza then sued in Nevada to prevent foreclosure on the Front Sight property (among other relief). That litigation is ongoing and provides the context for the dispute in this case.”