Reasons Front Sight members are getting banned

Front Sight email by Ignatius Piazza:
(CAPS-LOCK in original)

“I needed to identify the ENEMIES within our own ranks. I needed to identify members who if given an opportunity to destroy Front Sight for their own nefarious reasons would in fact try to do so. I realize it’s hard to believe, but not every Front Sight member is like you and me. A relatively small number of members have been actively working to destroy Front Sight. Along with attempting to create discontent, ill will, and disruption, some of these members were sending confidential information to our enemies to use against us. In fact, one Front Sight Knight surreptitiously recorded my confidential litigation update I provided to the Knights during the July 4th event and sent it to the attorneys of our enemies to use against us. I CANNOT ALLOW SUCH PEOPLE TO BE INVOLVED IN MY PLANS TO TRANSITION FRONT SIGHT TO A MEMBER-OWNED FACILITY BECAUSE THEY WILL ATTEMPT TO DESTROY YOU TOO.”

Quotes from members getting banned:

“I didn’t say or do anything. Although I did respond to one of his emails stating that he should leave our memberships the way they are”

“It’s official. I have been banned. Letter and check is in the mail. They would not give me any other details other than to ‘Have a blessed day.'”

“I tried to keep my comments on a professional level and just react to the situation not the man. So now I have also been banned.”

“Heads up! As a few others have experienced, I am banned from front sight for “rude comments” against the good Dr. This is hilarious, never have said anything rude.”

“I’ve never been anything but cordial in my three postings on this sight. I even complimented Frontsight and the training I experienced, saying we were only asking for them to honor what we paid for. Apparently Ignatius sees anyone who questions his behavior or speaks up for their rights as his “enemy” deserving instant banishment.”

“Looks like I was banned from Front Sight; I’m getting the error code when trying to log into myfrontsight. Interestingly enough, I’ve been specifically avoiding talking bad about Front Sight because I know that’s the rationale they’ve cited for banning members and I wanted to make sure that rationale is indefensible.”

“Something new, my wife was banned yesterday (she is neither a member of this group nor has she ever posted ANYTHING anywhere remotely related to FS). Earlier in my comments I posted that she was still receiving emails describing ME (and everyone here) as enemies of FS and joking implied that it was causing her and all other family members with memberships phycological damage. I find it telling that the rats have gone back to IP and now they are doing surgical banning of family members who are directly related to members of this group.”

“I guess I am now banned… after sending a very simple request to about upcoming registration”

“I was locked out with same error message. I called FS and was told it was locked due to Rude Communication and I’d be getting a letter. Told her I’d never sent any emails”

“I am OFFICIALLY BANNED. I just got off the phone. Evan told me that my account has been closed, permanently banned, will be recieving a check and a letter in the mail, Good Luck finding another place to train and hung up on me.”

“I haven’t posted anything in this [social media] group, but I got banned anyway. I think it’s simply because I’m a member of this group.”